Subtraction Games

Subtraction is one of the very basic concepts of math. This is one thing that we use for the rest of our lives. Subtraction is as important for us as knowing how to eat or talk. Therefore, it is extremely important to teach subtraction to kids in an effective way. The problem with subtraction is that being an extremely basic function, it is taught at a very early age for kids. That is the age where kids have hardly understood the idea of a school and class. As a result, some kids are not able to grasp subtraction that fast. Another reason for this is that many kids confuse subtraction with addition which is taught earlier. Having just grasped the idea of addition, they tend to get confused with the problems of subtraction.

This is where subtraction games are a great help. If your child is confused about the subject or is making mistakes constantly, then there is a big chance that the concept is not very clear to him. Children also need a lot of practice, in order to get used to of the subject. Therefore, you must introduce the child to various subtraction games.

Even though there are many subtraction games available in the market and internet but the best subtraction games are those which you can incorporate in your daily life. You can teach subtraction to your child while doing your day to day chores. For example, you can use his toys to teach him subtraction. You can also teach the subject while shopping in the market. Ask your child to count the number of soda cans you have put in the trolley and then put some back on the shelf. Now ask your child to count the cans in the trolley. When the child counts and tells you the number of cans left, you should explain the whole concept of subtraction to him.

By doing this exercise over and over again, you can teach your child the concept of subtraction in a fun and entertaining manner. But make sure that you don’t overdo the subtraction games as it will only make the child hate the subject. Also, remember not to overburden the child by playing the subtraction games with objects which are too many in numbers. For example, you can play subtraction games with fruits like apples or banana, but don’t ask the kid to start counting grapes as the sheer number of grapes in a bunch will confuse him.

You can also by different subtraction games from the market. Such games come in the form of flash cards, puzzles and board games. These games teach subtraction to kids in a fun way and they don’t even feel like they are studying. You can also purchase computer games for your child. But these games need a little supervision as not all children know how to operate a computer at the age of 5 to 6 year. The price of subtraction games varies according to their levels and technology used in them. There are many such games on the internet also which your child can play for free.

Subtraction games are a great help for both parents and child as they make the task of studying subtraction very easy.

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